HP Desk Jet 2600 Printers Print Using the Maximum DPI

For a higher quality print and sharp images on photo print you can use the maximum dots per inch(dpi). Printing in maximum dpi may be a time consuming task comparing to other printing and it also requires large amount of disk space. The time and space complexity is more while using the maximum dpi. Follow the instruction to printing in maximum dpi

Deskjet Setup


  • Click Print from your software and check whether your printer is selected
  • Open the properties dialog box to continue to the next step. Each version in windows has a specific name for the Properties dialog box.
  • Click Paper/Quality tab to proceed further and select an appropriate paper type from the Media drop-down list.
  • Click the Advanced button and in the Printer Features area, select yes from the print in Max DPI drop-down list
  • From the Paper size drop-down list, select the appropriate paper size you need.
  • Close the advanced options by clicking OK and on the Layout tab confirm Orientation , click ok to print.


  1. Choose Print from the File menu in your software and check whether your printer is selected
  2. You have to set the print options. If you do not see the options, click Show Details on the Print dialog box
    • In the Paper Size pop-up menu choose the appropriate paper size that you want
    • Choose the Paper Type/Quality in the pop-up menu and choose the appropriate paper size. The quality should be Maximum Dpi
    • Click Print after making printer settings accordingly.