HP Desk Jet 2541 Printer Trouble shooting

HP Deskjet 2541 Printing problems

If you are facing issues like the printer not printing follow the below instructions that will you to trouble shoot your printer.

  1. Check whether the power cord is connected in a secured way and ensure that the printer is switched on
  2. If your printer is turned on, the Power button will be lit. Other wise switch on the printer
  3. If your printer is connected to the computer with the USB cable, you need to check the USB connections.
  4. If you are using a wireless connection then check whether the wireless connection is working properly or not.
  5. Download the free diagnostic utilities form the HP Diagnostic tool website at www.hp.com/go/tools and fix the common printer problems by following the instructions that appear on the screen.



Windows operating system have many version. Each version are different in many ways. Based on the operating system the solution is provided and make use of it. Initially check whether your printer is set as your default printer

Windows 8.1 and Window 8 press the upper-right corner on the screen. You willl notice that the charms bar opens. Now click SettingsControl PanelView devices and Printers

Windows 7 On the winows task bar click StartDevices and printers and proceed to further steps

Windows Vista On the winows task bar click StartControl Panel->Printers and Faxes and continue to next steps

Windwos Xp On the winows task bar click StartControl panelPrinter and Faxes and follow the onscreen instructions

Your printer should have a check mark in the circl next to it. If not, right-click on the printer icon and choose the Set as Default Printer options from the menu. If your software installation fails or unable to print when using a USB cable follow the below given instructions

  1. The CD should be removed from the CD/DVD drive to continue to next steps
  2. You have to disconnect the USB cable from the computer and make sure you remove it properly
  3. Restart the computer to install the software again
  4. Now insert the CD in the drive and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Wait until you are asked to connect the USB cable
  5. You have to restart the computer again to complet the installation successfully.

Mac OS

If you are using the Mac operating system follow the given instruction to check your print queue. Click System PreferencesPrinters &Scanners. Press the < b>Open Print Queue. Now click a print job to select it and you can use the cancel or resume button to continue. To cancel the selected print job press Cancel icon and to continue a paused print job click the Resume icon. Try to print again if you make any changes in your selection.

To Restart the computer click Restart in the Start menu and to reset the printer you can switch off the printer and unpluck the power cord and wait for a few minutes. Then plug the power cord and turn on the computer.

To Reset the printing system cclick the System Preferences  Printers&Scanners .Clilck and hold the control key and choose the Reset printing system option. You can add the printers you want to use.

To Uninstall the software disconnect the printer from your computer if you are using a USB cable to connect the printer and computer. Open the Applications/Hewlett-Packardbbbbb folder and doubleclick the HP Uninstaller. To complete the process follow the instructions that appear on the screen