HP Desk Jet 3752 Air print setup

Apple iOS v4.2 and later operating systems in mobile comes with Airprint, a mobile printing solution. Connect to a wireless network and print from your iPad, iPhone iPod and other smart devices.

Step 1: Requirements

Ensure that you have the following requirements to print with AirPrint

  • iOs 4.2 and latest version on the Apple devices
  • Ensure that your printer supports the AirPrint.
  • Check whether your printer and Apple devices are connected in the same network or Wi-Fi Direct or HP wireless direct should be supported by your Printer

Step 2: Wireles connection setup

  • Connect the apple device in a wireless network and disconnect the USB cable or ethernet cable
  • If you have a printer with control panel display, select Setup, Network or WirelessWireless Setup Wizard and follow the instructions that appear on the screen
  • If you have a printer without the control panel display, click the Wireless button and turn on the wireless radio. The printer is connected if the wireles light is solid otherwise check whether your printer is closer to the router and press the WPS button on the router

Step 3: Print from your Apple device

  • Initially you have to check whether the printer is switched on and it is in ready state. Turn on the printer if it is in sleep mode
  • Open the file you want to print and click the Action icon to display menu options. The file you want to print may be a document, photo , email or webpage
  • Click Print or the print icon and click Select Printer to select your printer from the list
  • To change other setting you can click the Options menu and change settings like paper size and more